Limelight shipping to Europe

Hi everyone,
We are a team from the Czech Republic and we are strongly considering buing a Limelight for the next season. However, we weren’t able to find if Limelight ships out of the US. Do you have this information? Does anyone of you have experience with buing Limelight outside the US?

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That would be a good question for the Limelight creators. However, I’m sure there is a team or two that would be willing to buy it on your behalf, repack it, and send it internationally.

I’ve just got an email from the Limelight support and they are shipping internationaly. But we had a solution with shipping it through our partner school as you suggested.

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We had no issues purchasing Limelight with international shipping. It is a commercial transaction so whatever local duty/tax customs in your country normally collect will apply. Having it repacked by someone and on-shipped doesn’t make it non-commercial and even goods marked as a “gift” may well attract the attention of customs leaving you having to provide documentation about it’s value. Of note carriers won’t insure an item for higher than what it’s stated customs value is.

Also of significance to the on-shipper they will have to sign off that the goods description and value are correct. When you ask someone to forward an item be sure you’re aware of the “what if” scenarios.