LimeLight snippet

The Docs for Limelight say to drag the snippet of code into LabView. But where, into the in a Dashboard project?

Wherever you want to read the Limelight tracking values.
Usually in the robot code. Can be to show the values on the Dashboard.
In Autonomous if you want the robot to do something during autonomous.
In Teleop or Periodic Tasks if you want it to do something during Teleop.

To the block diagram of the vi that you want it to execute in (see Mark’s comment about where to execute).

I tried to drag the png into a block diagram but it won’t take it. I just get the “not” symbol.

Drag them to your desktop first then to the block diagram. I have had this problem before.

Yeah, I did that. But I re-opened LabView not as the administrator and it worked. I don’t know why I have to “run as administrator”, if I don’t I get a “permissions error” and I can’t build the code.