Limelight SolvePNP - custom target models?

After more success using our Limelights for actual vision processing at our second event, we encountered a problem that we had seen mention of: the hatch panels covering the bottom inner corners of the vision target. We care most about this happening on the in-bounding station (driver visibility in the center alliance station is not good!) where the hatch should always (hopefully) be in a consistent position with respect to the target.

Setting aside my disdain with FIRST for overlooking this detail (or maybe it’s part of the challenge) and our obsession with over-complicating vision alignment instead of just using a simple PID alignment loop, we’d like to know how to create a model of the target with a hatch covering the corners.

My first intuition is that we can add two additional corners and move two existing ones to model the new “corners” created by the hatch panel. However, I am not familiar with the format of the file used to represent a target model. My questions are the following:

  1. Has anyone else attempted this?
  2. What is the “origin” of the coordinate system used in the target model?
  3. What are the units of the coordinates?
  4. What are each of the columns representing in the model (X, Y, Z?)
  5. Do separate pipelines have separate models?

Upload a plain-text csv file with a model of your target. We have pre-built models of 2019 targets hosted on our website. All models must have a centered origin and use counter-clockwise ordering.



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