Limelight static IP address is tilting me off of the face of the planet

Even though I’m following limelight documentation with 100% precision and the newest imaging, I still couldn’t get static IP address to work (it cannot be found!!!). It’s so weird… any thoughts? I can connect to automatic just fine. (So tilting…) thanks so much for the help!

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I just went through this process. It seems like the latest image (2020.3) is having issues setting a static IP where it won’t accept any changes at all. My team will be switching back to the previous image (2020.2) as a workaround since that’s what we’ve been mostly using the last few weeks and our competition is this weekend.


Thank you… I’m changing it back… can’t believe I never suspected it’s a software problem… thank you for untilting me! Rip the time… thank you sooooo much truly appreciated!

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