Limelight static IP resetting after power cycling robot

We are having a slightly different issue with the Limelight2 than we have seen posted anywhere else.

Problem: We have the Limelight2 with firmware 2019.4 and it is losing its static IP address.

Problem Description:
Set static IP according to provided LL documentation and ‘best practices’ as posted by Brandon_H
LL reboots - LL static IP still good
Power cycle robot for any reason
LL IP address resets to unknown IP so no way to communicate with it

Solution we are trying to work this morning is to set radio and rio to static IPs to see if that solves the problem. Other than that any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

For all looking at this, I originally posted this in the Pingable Limelight thread before I posted here. Below is the response from Brandon H in that thread.


Can you manually type into all fields of the ip configuration page, then click the “change IP” button? Also, you should absolutely update to 2019.5.1 to help address this.

Is the network reset button being pressed be robot parts?

No. It’s not. We actually think we got it figured out. Last night when they were trying to set the LL static IP they were working through the rio. Today they switched it to setting through the laptop and it seems to be keeping configuration at this point.

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