Limelight - Tuning Vision for Infinite Recharge at Home

Has anyone had difficulties with tuning their Limelights this season?

We are seeing two issues…

  1. Dialing in the Limelight to see the upside hex target from 14+ feet away. For the most part, we can lock onto the target within a 14 ft radius, but when we get beyond that, we lose the target. I’ve seen teams use vision from further away and so I’m wondering if we are missing something in the tuning parameters.

  2. We have noticed our tuning parameters change periodically. We adjust the settings, but then when we use the Limelight, the settings change… I suspect that it has to do with the Pipelines and whether we are ignoring the Network Table entries, but I am not sure. We didn’t see this last season or the season before.

We are running on image 2020.04 on a Limelight 2.

Thank you!

Have you tried using the built in zoom features when you go to a further distance? This helped us get a solid lock on the target for longer shots.

Are you using dilation?

We found it best to fine tune the settings while looking at the thresholding output instead of the color image input.

We have also used zoom, but didn’t need to use it for the At Home challenge ranges.

Also may want to clean the camera lens periodically. Ours gets a lot of “lemon zest” over time.