Limelight Turns on but stuck in Dynamic Ip mode

I was helping a team over the weekend with a limelight that was stuck in dynamic IP mode. We tried for hours restarting re-imaging several times etc. At the same time the green lights were flashing on and off every second under power and no settings in the limelight software could change anything nor turn lights off. I told the team to contact the makers but I thought I might as well ask here plus I have contact with the team so I can continue helping.

Is the reset button being pressed or stuck somehow?

I believe we did try pressing the reset button. Not sure if it is stuck. We were always able to maintain connection with the limelight through the software. Also we were connected using Ethernet from limelight to the router and router to laptop.

Maybe try pressing it again to get it unstuck if it is somehow. We had the exact same issue. The reset button being hit also does the flashing green lights that you explained.

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