LimeLight Update Really Slow

Does anyone here have any issues with the LimeLight?

The data in the network table is updated every five seconds or not at all
The image of the camera on the site does not appear or appears with 1 ~ FPS.

This is a problem, comes and goes with the exact same code and connections.

It Happens with another LimeLight, another router, and another network cable and no bridge adapter.

  • It is important to add that we had twice a problem with the Roborio, that we couldn’t upload robot code and to fix it we reImage the Roborio (don’t know if this is relevant).
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Did you follow this guide, including using a static IP?

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Does this occur with a new robot project, or only with your code?

I will try but i doubt this is the problem.

Did you ever find a solution to this? We’ve seen the same problem that appeared out of nowhere after working perfectly for days.

I havent found, but I updated our libaries, and reImage the limelight, and it didnt happend anymore,

But I cant realy say this solved the problem, cause today our limelight discounected after a while with no explaning reason (diffrent problem).

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