Limelight USB camera connectivity issues

We’re having occasional (and occasionally persistent) issues with USB camera connectivity to our Limelight cameras, with the symptom being that the video stream shows only the limelight stream, with no side-by-side or PiP view of the USB camera stream.

We’re having the same issue with LLv1 and LLv2, and with multiple USB camera types. Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions?

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The main offenders seem to be the 1920x1080 usb cams (Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle Full HD Conference Webcam - WideCam F100). Our standard-def camera works every time.

The Genius camera, when plugged into a WIndows PC works every time.

Have you upgraded to the latest firmware there was a fix for wide angle usb cameras.

Yeah, I should have mentioned we’re using the 2019.5.1 hotfix


This also has been an issue for our team as well, with the exact same camera using the Genius 120-degree Camera, and we are also using the newest firmware.

Looking into this

We’re having the same problem with the Genius camera plugged into the limelight. It fails to come up about 25% of the time. Rebooting the hardware usually helps.

If I had to guess, I bet there is a race condition between when the USB driver is getting loaded into the kernel, and when the limelight software is trying to initially use it.

@Brandon_Hjelstrom . Just for troubleshooting’s sake, we seem to have the same race condition with Microsoft Lifecams.

Doesn’t always work when we plug it in as a secondary camera.

Adding on here, we’re using this 180 deg usb webcam ( and we have noticed that robot code restarts/deploys often cause the stream to break (as well as the limelight interface endlessly loading)

@Brandon_Hjelstrom – just checking if you’ve made any progress on this. If not, I’d be interested in finding out which USB cameras never have this issue – hopefully wide angle cameras, but narrow angle if necessary. So we can have them on hand before our first event. Thanks.

Are you using a usb extension cable? Working on a new update that addresses a potential race condition in any case.

No – just the 3’ cord hardwired to the camera.

FYI to anyone following this - we’re beta testing a fix that seems to be working.

Hey Rich,

Any update on this? Hoping to use USB feature this weekend, we pulled the limelight this weekend because it wouldn’t boot sometimes, and we traced the issue to this specific camera. Could not recreate the issue with a normal view camera.

If we can help in anyway please let me know.


We used the beta version during our competition this weekend and had no problems. @Brandon_Hjelstrom, do you have a release scheduled this week?

I’m interested as well. I think we are using near the same camera setup.

@chadr03 @NotInControl @AlexSwerdlow @NewtonCrosby @SndMndBdy @Schroedes23

2019.6.0 was just uploaded, and it includes the fix that @Richard_Sims helped us test.

Thanks Brandon, we’ll get it on our secondary LL (out of the bag) and start some testing.

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