Limelight v2 PoE

Does anyone (@Brandon_Hjelstrom) know if the Limelight v2 supports “Mode A”/4-pair PoE? That is, similarly to phantom power in audio, putting power and data on the same pairs, and then galvanically separating them?

Looks like it doesn’t. I don’t think it would be FRC legal anyway, since active POE is often 48V and the maximum voltage allowed on custom circuits of an FRC robot is 24V.

Well, that’s a different question. Active or passive PoE refers to whether the PD negotiates with the PSE how much power it needs (active) vs. the PSE just blindly injecting some power onto the line (passive). My question is about how the power is delivered on the physical layer, whether it has to be passed along dedicated pairs, or can be ghosted onto data-carrying pairs.

In my understanding if you use a passive POE injector like what you could use to power your radio such as this one from rev would work. You connect your normal Ethernet cable to the end and add power to the other and you can use it normally.