Limelight V2 unable to reach the Web Interface

I am trying to retune in the Limelight for competitions that are going on today, as it is now past midnight in my time zone. I have 2 different laptops trying to reach the web interface through the setup of being directly connected to the Limelight via Ethernet, and yet both laptops are unable to connect to this Limelight for tuning. We have the most recent update for the Limelight that came out on March 14, and we would like to get this done for a succesful day tomorrow.

Does your Limelight have a static IP? It is tricky to direct connect in this case, but it is possible.

I am unable to even get to the controls. In Google Chrome i can’t even access the webpage, the only way to see some drop down menus on the webpage is through Internet Explorer. And when accessing this all i can click on is the menu on the right hand side to switch between Pipelines and Settings. So, i don’t believe it does, but if there is a chance there is, what should i do to replace the Static IP back to default of limelight.local:5801.

If you haven’t yet configured your radio for the event settings, try connecting through your phone via wifi. I found that limelight.local:5801 works on your phone to configure a static IP. If not, try asking your FTAs to help you out. At our regional, the limelight worked only when connected to the FMS, so see if you can connect to the FMS temporarily to access the dashboard. This link will give some more tips, including changing the Rio and laptop IP:

We ran into a similar problem today as well. Check the dashboard of the driver station, it should print automatically the IP address of the config panel. Ours was at a weird IP.

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