Limelight View Just Attached USB Camera

We are using a limelight 2.0. We want to do vision processing with the limelight that makes it less than ideal for driver. We have another USB camera that is attached to it that is just for the drivers. Is there a way to just use the limelight for processing and not transmit it back to the dashboard? Right now they are side by side on the LV Dashboard.

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I am a bit confused, exactly what you are asking, but if you want the LL to process both the native and auxiliary camera feeds, it is currently not designed to do that. It processes only its native feed and then compresses the Webcam image for greater network effeciency and sends it back to the dashboard.

Can always do picture in picture to see less of the Limelight feed on the driver station.

stream Sets limelight’s streaming mode
0 Standard - Side-by-side streams if a webcam is attached to Limelight
1 PiP Main - The secondary camera stream is placed in the lower-right corner of the primary camera stream
2 PiP Secondary - The primary camera stream is placed in the lower-right corner of the secondary camera stream

@JustJoshin13 yes this is what we were looking for but just the secondary camera but I think the PiP secondary may work. We will try it tonight. Don’t know how I missed that in the docs :exploding_head:

Let me ask this, are you using the other camera pointing in the same direction as the limelight? If so, you can also toggle when you use the Limelight as vision tracking and just for driver feedback with a button press.

They are pointing the same direction but not always at the same height. Limelight fixed low to see vision targets while camera moves up for placement. We currently do a good deal of switching pipelines.

The problem here is the main time we want to use it for driving is also when it is full dark looking for the retro reflective tape.

Got it, yeah then toggling the PIP might be the best workaround. Interestingly enough we never could get our LL1 to display the secondary camera, but only spent like an hour playing around with it.

Have you considered using a Raspberry Pi and FRCVision for the USB camera? It’s a rather cheap solution to complement the Limelight and would let you use up to four USB cameras with the possibility of switching between them using network table…

Just tried the picture and picture secondary mode and it didn’t work. It wasn’t persistent either. I also find it weird that it isn’t a “settings” option in the UI.

@Brandon_Hjelstrom, is this a known issue?

Which usb camera are you using? Are you booting with the usb camera attached? This is not a known issue, at least among the cameras we have tested. Are you on 2019.5.1?

We are using this one which I think is a pretty common FRC camera.

We have tried both booting with it attached and not. This has caused us to also try booting the robot first then the camera and both at the same time neither makes a difference.

Is it supposed to change this “on the fly”? The part I am most worried about is if it just does the stream setup in the beginning then how can we ensure that we are writing 2 to the stream variable before it reads it. We are using the LV dashboard if that makes a difference I don’t think it should because it is just outputting a stream.

Yes we are on 5.1. We needed that to play with all of the neat 3D stuff. In the end I don’t think it makes sense for us but I think it is a good learning tool of what systems like this are capable of.

@Brandon_Hjelstrom / @Hjelstrom

Any additional advice for this? Not even sure what to try next. We will be able to try things Thursday and I want to have a game plan on how to fix it.

Can you send screenshots of your code to us through our contact page or via PM? Extra clarification:

This is an “on-the-fly” setting. You can change it as many times as you want during the match. If you were only setting this value at startup, that may have indeed been the issue.

This is a snippet of the last code we were using. It was in Periodic Tasks:

We also tried just setting it at startup, but this code was running every 5 seconds. We could see the value 2 when looking at the Variables tab of the dashboard. Tomorrow I can send you a screenshot of the dashboard showing the side by side camera image and the variable showing 2.

Not sure what fixed this. We moved to a new roboRIO with the exact same code and it worked.

Only thing I can think of that is different is the new one has the new image. So I’m hoping at comp we image the one on our bot and everything works.


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