LimeLight Vision Camera Positioning on Robot

We have been using the Limelight this season and have found it incredibly useful. Here is the context of my question. We have simple limelight code that gets the target tx and ty and drives up to the vision targets, however our limelight is mounted offset from the center of the robot and angled inward to face the target and we are currently seeing our robot arc into the target rather than drive directly into it. I was hoping to find a solution to this problem as we can’t mount it directly in the center where it is ideal. Would removing the angled position work better if we calibrate its target crosshairs? What positioning have you guys done when offsetting the camera from the center of the robot?

You can recalibrate the crosshairs so that it accounts for the offset. It’s in the rightmost tab of the limelight web interface

This may not be helpful, but we had the same setup. Our limelight was in the front and angled inward. We had inconsistent results. Fortunately, our lift is only 36" tall and we were able to mount a poly panel above that in dead center. This solved all of our issues.

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