Limelight Vision error

Me and my team are using a limelight for our vision and im a new programmer so im not the best at doing these things and i looked at the API limelight have for their camera and in one of the example code they have it says you can use

float Kp = -0.1f; // Proportional control constant

std::shared_ptr table = NetworkTable::GetTable(“limelight”);

float tx = table->GetNumber(“tx”);

if (joystick->GetRawButton(9))


    float heading_error = tx;

    steering_adjust = Kp * tx;




but the line:
std::shared_ptr table = NetworkTable.getDefault().GetTable(“limelight”);
is having and error. How cani fix this

I’m not a C++ expert, but I think that std::shared_ptr needs a template/type parameter; perhaps try std::shared_ptr<NetworkTable>? Also, are you including the correct header and namespace-qualifying everything correctly?

Side note- you can create a code block with three backticks (`) like this:

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The “cpp” modifier can be used to enable C++ syntax highlighting.