Limelight Web Dashboard Issues

My team has used Limelight in the past albeit with older firmware versions but have never experienced issues before with the web dashboard. Upon updating to the latest firmware (2019.2), however, the dashboard became so slow to load to the point that it was almost inoperable. We tried various client operating systems, switched between browsers (namely Chrome and Firefox), and even reflashed the firmware from scratch with no avail.

We did, however, find this: the web dashboard is looking to load a font from a CDN. Aside from Cross Origin Request Blocks making the request nonviable, the Limelight is connected to the robot network which is completely offline and independent of the Internet, begging the question: Why would the dashboard be utilizing resources that it has to download from the Internet? Granted, we aren’t quite sure that this is the root of the issue but it does seem that the request to the CDN slows the loading of the page to the tune of minutes and not seconds. Has anybody else experienced similar issues?

Below is a ss of the console outputs in Firefox:

Using chrome, the assets are failing for us as well, but are failing relatively fast so the overall load time is not notably impacted.

Do you see a performance difference when you access via domain (default: http://limelight.local:5801) vs ip?

This has been fixed. The interface will stop making cdn requests in 2019.3!

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