Limelight Wiring: Standard Wiring vs. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Wiring

Standard Wiring vs. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Wiring

Advantages & Disadvantages

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PS: Important topics of discussion may include both current draw and number of used slots.

That’s what’s recommended for the radio at least.


As CUSTOM CIRCUITS are not governed by the rule saying you shall not modify the power pathway (as far as I can remember, been months since I’ve read the rules)… Do both? You lose a hair of weight to have another method of power delivery in the event the cable wiggles a little loose. This also applies to the 2020 radio.

The logic basically is that if the ethernet cable wiggles loose for a little bit, it reconnects and doesn’t need to fully reboot, and if the power wire pops out, you have no status change actually.


Doing both would still only use one PDP slot, correct?

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Yes. For custom circuits, you can only insert one wire into each PDP terminal, but you can easily splice two wires into one wire and insert that into the slot.

For the radio, you might as well use up both 12V 2A slots on the primary VRM anyway since the radio is the only thing allowed to be connected to them.


Thanks for the clarification!