Limelight with photonvision not connecting

So I’ve imaged our limelight with the new version of photonvision using balena etcher but I’m not able to connect to the https://photonvision.local url.

The limelight is plugged into the pdp on a 20A breaker and the ethernet cable is plugged into the secondary port on the robot’s radio.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!

This is a known issue that we’re working to fix right now. A known workaround is using a network switch.


Don’t use the secondary port of the radio. It is known to be effectively nonfunctional. You need a network switch.


100% use a network switch. I highly recommend BrainBox

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We have this on hand, would this work?

Link to that product?

Based on the link, I would say it would not work. It’s not a switch.


From the Amazon page

This won’t work assuming you want to use all three ports at once. You want a “network switch” or “ethernet switch” which will allow you to use all of the ports at once. I’ll second the recommendation for the Brainboxes switches, specifically SW-005 or SW-008.


Nope, that is a Hub, not a Switch.

Use an ethernet switch.
There are many known issues with using the two ports on the radio (long story short, there’s a silicon-level bug that causes the coupling of the two ethernet ports to be unreliable). Many teams have had success with the Brainboxes SW-005 switch - it can be powered off one of the low-current channels on your PDH, and is easily mountable. You can use your team’s Digi-Key voucher from the virtual Kit of Parts on it.

I found a 5 port Netgear switch kicking around. Would that work?

Yes, if it’s powered by 12 or 18 volt “passive” PoE or with a 12 or 5 volt barrel jack. It should say on the label what it takes. It also can’t output “standard” or “active” PoE because that’s too high a voltage. R203.i limits all circuitry used on the robot to a maximum 24 volts, and standard PoE is about 44 volts.

He ac adapter says it takes 12 v at 0.7A. can I power that off the vrm?

Yes, on the 12V 2A channels. However, if you’re using a PoE injector for the radio, they can’t be on the same VRM - the radio needs to be the only thing on the 12V 2A channels of its VRM.

Is that a rule or is it a safety concern?

It’s a rule, specifically R616, which reads:

R616 *Power radio as specified – Part 1. The wireless bridge (radio) power must be supplied by either:
A. the 12V 2A output of a CTR Electronics Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) (P/N am-2857, 217-4245), as shown in Figure 9-13, and must be the only load connected to those terminals

Ok so I have the network switch wired up to the radio, roborio, and limelight but I still can’t connect to photonvision.local. I have verified that I have comms and can drive but the limelight still isn’t connecting. All the webpage says is that it refused to connect.

Are you typing photonvision.local:5800?

Yes. When I wire my computer directly into the network switch, the page says photonvision sent an invalid response