Limelight won't stop turning on and off after uploading a tflite model

Trying to upload a tflite model for our limelight that will allow it to detect cones and cubes. But after uploading the model to the limelight it is now constantly turning on and off, leaving the limelight practically useless. Wondering if any other teams are having this issue and if anyone figured out a fix to this. (btw the limelight does have a coral)


I’m experiencing the same issue with our own model. I also downloaded the model from the limelight downloads page but neither the classifier nor detector return any values that are helpful. Have you tried the download’s model or just your own?

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@HHunter28 Are you on 2023.4?

@ericjanofski Just trying to clarify - you do not crash when using the model from the downloads page, correct? You should get useful output if you reduce the confidence threshold in the configuration tab.

@HHunter28 Is this a custom model? If you trained your model on teachable machine, make sure you are uploading to the classifier pipeline instead of the detector pipeline. I’ve confirmed that you can cause a crash by uploading a classifier model to a detector pipeline, so the next update will prevent this from happening.

Thank you, yes we were uploading the classifier to detector. That is solved. We will continue trying to get the provided detector to work. So far no dice with the confidence set super low. I’m going to reflash and try again soon. Thanks again.

When I upload the detector model (from the limelight downloads) the page freezes and when I refresh, it did not upload.