We recently wired our Limelight, and the lights are not turning on. Is there a step we might have missed? plz help

How do you have it wired (pics)?

Can you get to the web dashboard? Maybe the LEDs are set to off for some reason.

I will get that to you as quick as possible

Looks like the Limelight ethernet is plugged into the roboRIO directly. I believe it should be connected to a radio, and then the roboRIO ethernet should also be connected to the radio. I’m not sure if that would prevent the lights from turning on though.

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I believe that when a USB is plugged into the limelight it detects it and goes into firmware flashing mode I.e. the limelight needs an Ethernet connection to the robot, not a USB one.

But to be sure ask @Brandon_Hjelstrom


From the documentation:

Warning: Only connect the microUSB cable while imaging. Limelight enters a special flash mode while the microUSB cable is connected. You will not be able to access the web interface while Limelight is in flash mode.


Two issues, one has already been addressed with the USB cable booting up the limelight in flashing mode, which will prevent the normal operation.
The second, is lacking some fundamental understanding of networking. You can connect the limelight directly to a PC, and use the mDNS address to access it. In fact, that’s how you will access it the first time. You can find all the steps necessary to do that here.

Then, once you have the static IP setup done (as per the recommended steps), then you will connect both the Limelight, and the Roborio to the radio on the robot, and from then forward you will access the limelight by going to http://:5801 (or 5800 depending on what you’re trying to do).


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