Limelight2 static IP issue?

We’ve been using the Limelight2 for a few years in the recommended static IP mode just fine. We just flashed to the current firmware yesterday and noted the strange behavior:

  1. Could connect to web interface in the default DHCP mode
  2. After switching to static IP and rebooting, now the limelight was NOT reachable on the web interface on the new static IP address
  3. Could ping the limelight on the new static address
  4. Limelight was happily populating network tables. One of the fields is the address of it’s web interface (which was correctly listed as the new static IP) but again this wouldn’t work from any web browser (tried different browsers, different laptops, incognito mode, etc)
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Have you tried the Limelight Finder Tool from the downloads page? I’m assuming you are using 2022.0.3. Is this intermittent, or persistent and happening after power-cycling?

Yes, the finder tool finds it at the correct static address. Clicking “configure” tries to open up the web interface but doesn’t get a response.
Tried power cycling.
Did the factory reset button to get back to DHCP - worked again - then did static and same issues as before.

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Oh, and yes this is 2022.0.3

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Is your laptop using a static address? Can you send the IP, Netmask, and Gateway for both your LL and your laptop?

I’ll have to look up those - we did use multiple laptops to test (all using DHCP) with the same behavior - can connect to web interface with LL in DHCP, not when in static. Also no issue with static before this firmware update.

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Understood - it sounds like it could be related to your radio configuration or the static address you are using on your LL. I just did a sanity check on my test robot and could not reproduce it here. It might help if you post:

  • The network configuration (a screenshot of the interface is fine) of the LL after it has been assigned an address via DHCP and before you give it a static address
  • A screenshot of the static configuration you are using.

Feel free to DM as well

make sure you are not using a static IP that is either unreserved by the DHCP server or in the DHCP pool.

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It’s the same static IP that we had the LL on (and working) before the firmware upgrade.

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Just because it wasn’t in conflict before doesn’t mean it will never be in conflict. If you are going to use partial static IP and partial assigned IP (DHCP) then you need to make sure that either the IP is on the DHCP server’s reserved pool or it’s outside of its usable client pool.

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