limit on banebot?

Is there a limit on the amount of banebot motors we’re allowed to have?

Specifically the smaller ones we only get one of from first.

We were not allowed to add any additional motors sold by Banebots, besides the CIM, to the KoP in 2007. That may not be true in the future.

You can HAVE as many as you want and can afford. How many you can use on your FIRST robot is a completely different question :rolleyes:

Historically, if it was not in the Kit you could not use it. Recently, additional motors not included in the kit are allowed if they are 1) identical to the Kit motors and 2) used in quantities specified in the Robot Rules. For example, the past few years we have been able to purchase small CIM motors in addition to the ones in the kit and use them. This has been explicitly stated in the rules. If the rules do not explicitly state that a motor in addition to the ones in the kit can be used, then it can’t.

Last year many teams, including mine, used kit motors with BaneBot transmissions attached. They looked very much like the BaneBot motors that came in the kit when assembled. Perhaps this confused you?

If you are asking about next year, the answer is we don’t know. The rules change every year. The 2008 rules will not be available until Kickoff on Jan 5th. While we can speculate that particular motors will be around again this year, we will not know for sure until then. But it doesn’t hurt to be thinking about what you can do with them.

In 2007, the KOP included one small banebots transmission, with an RS540 motor attatched, and another RS540 motor for which you needed to provide your own transmission.