limit switches maintained

I did read through the rules, and there doesn’t seem to be a rule explicitly preventing this but I would like some opinions anyway: would a team be allowed to secure the switch element of a limit switch down (so that it would read as “true” with a ziptie prior to a match, so that it would read true for the duration of a match/until the ziptie is cut? Has anyone ever tried that, and did it get past inspection or not?

So you want the tiptie to read true the entire match till it gets cut, presumably in match?

I think youll run into an issue about not dropping parts of the bot on the field…

We wouldn’t be leaving anything on the field. We would ziptie in the pit, and cut the ziptie in the pit after the match.

That would be a custom circuit, so it would have to follow the rules of custom circuits. I don’t fully understand why you would want a sensor that never changes its reading, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Anything not forbidden in the rules is legal, so as far as I can understand it should be fine.

Mind me asking, but what is the intended purpose of this?

My guess: the switch is intended for use during practice, not competition.

If this is the case, you could make a jumper from a female pwm cable end - connect white to black, don’t connect anything to red, cut red off instead. When plugged into a Digital Input on the roboRIO, that DI will reliably read as False to your program. Unplug it and it will reliably read True.

There’s a way to do this from your Drivers Station laptop:

If we are guessing wrong about your intent (we really are guessing) please tell us more!

Your post has no context, so I can’t be sure, but…

If you were replying to my post you misunderstood it.

I was guessing that the limit switch was for use during practice, to perform its limit function

… possibly to keep the lift motor(s) from burning out if a newbie driver inadvertantly left the motors stalled out while he/she went to lunch or something.

Good point. Perhaps we should wait for jinggeorge to elaborate.

It specifically states that the sw will be held in the closed position until a point in the match where it is cut allowing the sw to then function normally.

So my guess is that is to allow the sw to function in the end game.

Not sure what “it” you’re referring to:

At the time that I was asking, I wanted to use them to choose an autonomous program prior to the match beginning (sendable chooser never works). My team is very “DIY” and the limit switches were going to be DIY toggle switches. But now one of my mentors is claiming that an inspector or ref will veto my idea (even though I read the rules and thought/think they would pass inspection), so we are apparently just going to buy some actual toggle switches.

There are much better and reliable ways to select auto modes then doing zip-tied limit switches, including toggle switches such as you said, or even a software solution from your driver station. My team chooses auto modes by selecting the auto on the driver station.

definitely one of the more interesting ideas for picking autos, i must say. I think youd get some flak from a ref but i also dont know anything explicitly disallowing it. The actual switches will probably be a bit easier though.