Limit switches to Jaguars

Can I connect a limit switch directly to the Jaguar through the jumper port? Is this allowed according to rule R63B and R60L?

<R60-L> has the answer. A limit switch sensor would count as a custom limit switch circuit…

<R60.L> says if the CAN-bus functionality is used. If we are using a PWM cable to connect the Jaguar to the Digital Sidecar are we then unable to connect the limit switch directly to the Jaguar?

Just want to clarify, thank you.

Correct to the best of my knowledge.

From R60

L. If CAN-bus functionality is used, limit switch jumpers may be removed from a Jaguar speed controller and a custom limit switch circuit may be substituted (so that the cRIO-FRC may read the status of the limit switches).

You may use limit switches by connecting through the Digital I/O. The processing path is pretty much the same.