Limit to balls

I’ve been searching through the manual several times and i have never found out the number of balls there are. Does anyone know if there is a limit to balls and if so how many?

I’m not answering this question until you search Chief Delphi for the answer yourself. It’s there.

But welcome anyway.

There are 18 balls in play at all times:

2 Pre - Loads per team on every alliance = 12 balls
2 balls on each bridge at the start of the match = 6 balls

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We need some sort of mods to start commenting “Read the Rulebook” and then closing these threads…there are way too many asking the same things…

2 rude people right here

No, two people frustrated with other people who don’t understand the importance of Chief Delphi’s search function and the rulebook. Obviously, people aren’t reading the “READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST” threads]( Plus, the truth can be harsh sometimes. We can’t baby you all through everything.

Thank You -__-