Limit to how much can be removed?

We’re competiting in districts and have the ability to bag/unbag the robot, so we can add parts and pneumatics during these periods. However, after our first district event, we want to take this stuff off plus an additional mechanism and either add it to our withholding allowance for competition 2 or the next bag/unbag session. However, I can’t find any rules regarding changes to the robot at competiton and how much we can remove/take during pack up and what specific components we can take. Is there a weight limit? Are there restrictions?

If I understand your question correctly, there is no limit to how much you can remove from your robot.

You can remove as many parts as you want when your robot is unbagged. You may also add as much as you like during that time - provided the parts are COTS when your unbagged period starts. You may never add more than 30lbs of “robot” that are not COTS parts when the unbagged period begins.

Example: You want to work on your shooter between events. The entire mechanism weighs 35 lbs. You may remove it during at the end of the event, before you bag the robot. You way work on it as much as you like while the bot is bagged. However, during the next unbagged period, you may not put it back on your bot if it still weighs over 30 lbs. If, however, your motor weighs 6lbs, you could: Remove the motor from the shooter - making it 29lbs. Then, you get a new motor (completely unaltered - nary a wire crimped). Now, once the unbagged period begins, you may alter the motor as needed so as to attach it to the shooter and remount the mechanism.

You are allowed to crimp the wires prior to the event, the motor is still COTS according to R13-D