Limits to 2011 Line Tracking sensors

Are there any limits to the line tracking sensors (quantity and type used)? Can you use your own sensors?

I do not belive so, the only thing that stuck out to me is that laser-based sensors seem illegal this year (such as laser ragefinders) unless the laser is fully contained.

Speaking of the line tracking sensors… Didn’t someone during the kickoff say that FIRST was going to provide code to get us started with these sensors?

They do. You have to have the updated software in order to see the example code for the line tracking.

The code is provided for us. You can find it as a sample project in NetBeans/LabVIEW/Wind River.

There are no limits on sensors but there are rules that may apply to a particular type of sensor.
In addition, R02 lists items that may not be used on the robot.

Has anyone found the sample code for the line tracking sensors?

I read it was a sample project (we’re using LabView), but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

Create a new FRC Robot project, and when it asks, tell it you want the version that includes code specific to the 2011 game. You’ll find the line tracking stuff in the Autonomous Independent vi.