Limping to the finish line

After a long day of ups and downs, and the constant fixes after every single match during eliminations, Team 4004: MARS Rovers entered the rubber match of finals at FiM Muskegon with a broken elevator, broken welds fearing to snap off our elevator/intake system, and the decision to zip tie and duct tape our intake to the max legal height in order to still grab and score cargo into the ship. When the dusk cleared, the 3rd Alliance had taken the win…by one point. In any regards, I implore to all that while you may feel screwed at times during competition and during build, but never let that stop you from giving your all at all times. Because in the end, that moment you realise all the hard work, sleepless nights, and never ending worry was all worth it. Cheers all.
Anthony Uriarte
Drive Coach, Alumni: Team 4004


Congratulations guys! I’m not saying I would have been super sad if we had won instead…

That was the most intense, even though oddly low scoring, series of matches we’ve ever played. Our teams all did great, and it was so crazy how every little step from perfection can make or break a score outcome.

We’ll see you at Shepherd! Hopefully everything is back together proper by then. If you need any help, you know where we’re at. Thanks for helping Muskegon county represent and for hosting an awesome event!


For sure Andrew! We’re excited for Shepherd, and look forward to everything there. Maybe this time we’ll be able to grab that unicorn with yall.

If we get paired up again I dont know how we’d miss it! We have plans already to make our hatch gripper active and faster by a few seconds. Combine that with our both of our cargo speeds and it’s a lock.

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Good photo. Captures is all right there.
Congratulations! Now go win it all…

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Thanks Don. Though without the cheesiness, we’ve already done that. A bunch of these kids are seniors, and as a team that has yet to ever win a banner, this is the top.

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