Line arrays at regionals?

This is my first year actually going to competition, the past few years I never went. I noticed at both Del Mar and Ventura FIRST flew some pretty nice line arrays w/subs. I didn’t see anyone mention them in my searches and was wondering if these were a fairly new thing.
Also on my way back and forth from the pits/queue to the stands I never got to see what brand/model they were, so if anyone could tell me that would be greatly appreciated.

Usually the audio equipment is provided and run by a 3rd party, not directly affiliated with FIRST, which means they might not come here often. Best chance might be to contact the event organizers to get info on who the audio engineers were for the events?

Line arrays are not a new thing in FIRST. I haven’t made notes on what every sound setup has been at the events I’ve been to, but I remember them being present in the Georgia dome, which would make it quite a while ago. Here’s page with a picture showing them: I have no idea what model they are though.

For the PNW district events (excluding district championship), they don’t use line arrays but I can tell you what kind of subs they have: JBL 518S.

Ahh ok, I ve seen differing setups in the past and assumed that they were contracted out, but after I saw the same exact Line array setup at 2 completely differnet regionals I assumed that FRIST bought/rented their own to keep things consistent and/or to ship with fields.

Ok those are very different line arrays from what I saw at the Delmar and Ventura regionals. those look like JBL VTX V25’s, now that I think about it, the line arrays weren’t really flown, they were on large 20-30’ extendable poles. and they were much smaller than the JBL ones there. They were probably a dual10" line array and it had 2 18" subs under each stack. I assume they were either rental or were shipped with the fields because the line array towers can collapse and move around on wheels while there were some dollys for the subs.

Ok, I actually found a picture and got my answer, they are not new at all, this was from FIRST Steamworks and here they are. Anyways, this is what I mean by portable, they are not as large as the full-size line arrays, and they can be moved around (still sound fantastic and get rediculously loud)

FIRST contracts with a 3rd party company for A/V at Regionals. As such the equipment used is what ever the company responsible for that event has. It will vary from event to event depending on the company, what they have available, and what works for the particular venue.

When it comes to Districts that also will vary depending on the District. For example in the PNW we own all of our own production equipment and what is used will be the same across all of the Qualifier events. What is used at DCMP will vary as the venue sound or a 3rd party will be used. I can’t speak directly to the other districts because I have heard that some rent equipment on an event by event basis, others use a 3rd party instead of owning their own.

The ones in Ventura were older EAW Boxes on 25’ Crank ups.

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