Line Follower Power Array

In the Autonomous Independent vi, there are two arrays used to set the motor power while following a line. The arrays are indexed by the elapsed time.
However, when I try to change those arrays to have more values or different values, the changes are not saved by Labview.
The steps are:
Create a new Robot Project with Code
Open the Autonomous Inpdendent vi from the Project Window
Make a change to the values in the arrays on the front panel.
Save the vi
Close the vi
Reopen the vi from the Project Window
The values in the array are not changed.
I have tried Save As and no luck.
If I make code changes on the Block diagram the code changes will be saved, but change in the fron tpanel values are not saved.
I have tried this on two different Labview installations.
Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Does anyone have a solution?

Hi. This is actually how it’s meant to work.

If those values were in a constant array (on the Block Diagram), they would update as you expect.

BUT, since they are on the front panel, you need to explicitly tell labVIEW that you want to save your changed values. To do this, go to the front panel and make your changes. Then, to “lock in” those changes right click on the control and select: “Data Operations / Make current values default”.
Now when you save your VI, the new setting will stick.

I guess this behavior is so you can “play” with the values without actually losing your defaults.

Thanks for your help.