Line Following Sensor Wiring.

how do you adapt the line following sensor to the digital sidecar’s DIO. And what kind of feed back numbers do you get from the gray tape?.

Blue goes to ground and brown goes to + in PD board to a 20 amp circut breaker
Then put the white wire the digital side car as a Digital I/O
Then you use the DigitalInput.get() method
true=detected object
false=no detected object

This solves alot of problems for us too thanks!:smiley:

Hi there,
Just a note for you, the power for the AB photo sensors that we were given this year may also be powered by the solonoid output module on the cRio. This is so they have a nice constant power source.
The input voltage for the sensors is spec’ed at 10.8 to 30 and sometimes the voltage on the PD block can drop below 10.8VDC.

If you connect it to the solonoid module it will have a nice constant 24 volts.

Just make sure that the software turns on the port you wire it to or it won’t have any power at all.

This was in update #5 I think.


Also don’t forget about the adjustment knobs on the sensors themselves. Turning them is the only way to adjust sensitivity, which you’ll probably have to do at competition if you don’t have actual field carpet and tape. The carpet this year is gray, and the lines are light gray- not much margin for error.