Line Following

We are having some issues in programming the Line follower. We are using the Digital Input class and we can’t get it to work. Can anyone give us a hand? Thanks in advance.

Could you please post precisely what issues you have? The source code you are trying would also be of help for us to debug your issue.

Have you looked at the example code? If you go to File->New->Example in WindRiver and look under VxWorks Downloadable Kernel Module, there is some Line Tracking sample code. Make sure you have all updates installed, you will need them for the sample project to be visible.

Oops, when we checked the example code for line tracking the first time, we must have skipped over it.

Hi, im also from team 2603 and we found the example code, thanks for that pointer, but we fail to see where it tells the Robot to drive. We have mainly new coders this year and its puzzling us

Line leading robots generally work by following a zig zag pattern. The robot will go straight while the center line leader is active, then when the left line leader is triggered, the robot will turn right to get back on course - the right line leader of course will then turn the robot to the left when triggered.

When I’m on a development machine I will look at the line leader sample in more detail - you can PM me if you need any help programming your robot for the 2011 season.

Ok we got it! It was a stupid mistake of the .out file location getting moved on us, thanks for the offer though!

Ah, we all forget to change FIRST Downloader Preferences sometimes :slight_smile:

somebody should update the eclipse plugin so you can right-click a .out and select “Deploy to Robot”

I salute you! However you can already use a Run or Debug configuration, I wonder if there’s an option to write to non volatile memory…

Something to check when I have a remote target to connect to…