Line sensor spacing

How far apart do the three line sensors need to be spaced? Also, which two wires, and which direction are they supposed to be plugged into the digital I/O of the digital sidecar?

I’m not sure about the spacing, but I know there’s a knob to zoom in and out. I plan on using 1.5" spacing for now.

The brown wire is your plus, the blue wire is your minus. Those go into the power panel. A pull-up (6.4K if i’m remembering correctly) resistor bridges the power and signal ports on the digital side car and the white wire connects to the signal port as well. (See attached) The black wire can be covered up with a piece of electrical tape, so It doesn’t blow the whole sensor if it touches something accidentally. Since I’m doing this all from memory, I’m not liable if you blow something.



Is that resistor something that you found and put on, or is it already there, or did it come in the KoP? Where did it come from?

Check out this thread for wiring.

It sounds like because of how the Digital Side car is engineered it should not need a resistor. - Don’t quote me on this.

The control board has a resistor in it already.

implosionprez, we had the resistor lying around. They’re cheap and you can get them at any hardware store.

Peyton, it didn’t work without the resistor and it did with it. Read that however you want.

It should have worked without the resistor, the sidecar has a pull-up resistor built in to it. I would double check all of your sensor connections as well as your digital sidecar connections, perhaps you don’t have the power connections correct and your internal pull-up isn’t receiving power. If you’d like to contact me directly I can try to direct you further.

Under normal circumstances, you can connect the dark output (DO) or light output (LO) of the light sensor directly to your input on the sidecar.


1.5" is to close. we found this out by programming them.

theschell, we actually ended up going even closer. There’s a zoom knob you can use to adjust the depth of field.

cgmv123, we are trying to get our followers to follow our line. So far we follow and our teleop mode doesn’t switch. We dont know what is wrong.

If you’re following OK, that’s not something with the sensors then.

We spaced ours far enough apart so that if the center one sees the line (yellow light), then the outsides ones dont. I think they were an inch and a half apart. Probably depends on the height. We can’t get into the school on Sunday to work.