Line Sensor testing

I think I am over thinking things, but I was testing the line sensors with LabView recently.
I wired all the line sensors properly as according to the manual and other threads on the forum.
Brown 12V red Wago connector on the Power Distribution Board
Blue Black Wago connector on the Power Distribution Board
White into the DI/O of the Sidecar
Black unused

I see all three line sensors giving true and false values and change from green to yellow/orange with the reflective tape is under it. As a test i ran the program on autonomous without the motors to see how they would react. I placed the right sensor over the reflective tape and the jaguars are lighting that they are going forward. The problem is that they will only go forward for like 8 seconds before the program would stop. Is it suppose to do that or do i have a problem.

Can someone please clarify this to me.

Yes, it is normal for the motors to run for 8 seconds if you are using the default code. That is because the robot should be at the end of the tracking line by then, though you may have to adjust the time for your team’s robot.

thats how long the code is needed to get to the end of the line, no question is a dumb one, you probably just clarified the same question for a thousand other teams (:

Thanks for the clarification!

I also have one more question if it hits “T” and the code stops how do i tell it to drop the tube and if i can where in the loop would i have to add it.

If you have LabVIEW on a computer that is available to you right now, it would help us if you took a picture of the autonomous code on your screen and attached it to a post.

If I remember correctly, you should put the code for the arm at the very right, after the while loop. I believe there is a comment about adjusting the rotation of the robot and placing the game piece. That is the spot.

here is the image
and it goes right outside the loop

Your other question was about dropping the tube. That’s not something anyone on here can specifically answer. It depends on how your team’s robot works. I would check with your team’s build group. It may involve a motor, pneumatics, or something else.

I just wanted to know where to put the code for other motors in the autonomous program and it would be helpful if someone could put up an example on how you should add it in.