Linear Actuator

Hello, we have been shopping around to find a linear actuator that would suit our needs and i was wondering if this one is legal.

Thank you in advance for your help

You are allowed unlimited linear actuators, ONLY if the stroke is 1 inch or less.

And what if the stroke is over one inch?

Then I don’t believe it is allowed unless it utilizes one of the legal motors.

So if I modify the linear actuator above to use an am-0912, would it then be legal to use in competition? R32 (the relevant part) part reads: “Electrical solenoid actuators, no greater than 1 in. stroke and rated electrical input power no greater than 10 watts (W) continuous duty at 12 volts (VDC)” are allowed.

If you are looking for something with a longer stroke, and don’t want to use pneumatics, try some variation on a CAM. Here is some video of the system we are using, there are plenty of others:

Here is a video of it in operation.

Here is the limit switch we use to stop it.

Depending on exactly what you do, yes is probably the answer. In other words if you provide the power to actuate from the 9015 motor then it is probably legal.

things are being confused here:

there are electric solenoid linear actuators

and there are electric motor driven mechanical linear actuators.

the electric one has to meet R32

the mechanical one has to meet the motor rule, meaning you have to refit the motor.

So this means that the linear actuator that i provided a link to just has to be outfitted with a legal motor, such as the am-0912?

Replace the motor with a legal motors as listed in the rules and as long as the part is less then $400 you are good to go. :slight_smile:

Just be aware that replacing the motor on the actuator with another motor may not be a simple task.

yes, what they said…above

Thank you all for your help