Linear Based Encoder

We are planning on making a linear encoder for our kicker. Would there be anyway to mesure its resistance? And how would one go about wiring it up?

Why would you need a linear encoder when you can have A. a potentiometer or B. a slide potentiometer?

If there is a joint you can measure with either, you could feed it +5 and GND and it would feed you volts.

I agree there are likely places you could mount a more typical encoder or pot. If you really get stuck, though, we used a string pot last year. Check them out at The SP series is what we used. They are basically a multiturn pot inside a housing with a spring return and, of course, a string (steel cable). Quite slick, also fairly expensive ($150+) so exhaust other options first.

I am guessing you are trying to measure kicker position before a kick to set the distance of the kick. Depending on your design a pot should give you the range sine you can’t move the kicker anymore than 90 degrees or so. This application would tough on a pot unless it was isolated from vibration. You might use a series of light sensors though. Your accuracy doesn’t have to get down to fractions of an inch so say five sensors tops. that would give you the ability to have five different kicker distances. Easy to program too. If you use some of the little interuptor sensors from Digikey, you can have a small plate with holes attached to your kicker. And then you just count the holes with a single sensor.