Linear Belt vs Hopper

I am debating with myself over which system would be better to store and feed the balls to the shooter. The two popular options seem to be the linear belts (like the design used in the FIRST Capital Ri3D robot) or a 2017-like hopper.

I haven’t found a different topic directly comparing the two options, and I wanted multiple options from the public. I also set up a poll to see what may be the more popular decision.

Personally, I am split. A linear belt could provide a fast, simple, and compact way to get the balls from your intake directly to your hopper. However, it is more difficult to access all three high ports in the loading station and a robot to feed into your shooter. A hopper can easily be fed by other robots and the loading station by just dropping the balls into the hopper. But, it takes up much more space and can potentially lead to the robot unintentionally controlling more than 5 balls. What do you guys think?

  • Linear Belt
  • Hopper

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How about both?


5 balls is probably too little for using a hopper. This years game is probably more similar to 2012 in terms of ball storage than 2017

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If you have several Power Cells to play with, you can see how they interact with each other. Not many of us have the luxury, right now. But we can think back 15 years to Aim High, and remember how the poof balls would get jammed up in our hopper.

Linear conveyor all the way…

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If anybody is willing, would you post your feeder geometry ideas? I’m having a hard time visualizing how you fit that in a robot under 28".


Ditto. Especially if you don’t want to/can’t vertically stack them. You could use a two-wide “clip” of sorts which then uses sensors to time some sort of alternated feeding to a single shooter wheel. I’ll post a screenshot of my CAD sketch later maybe if I have time.


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