linear potentiometer/encoder

did any1 hear of a 3meter (120’’) long linear potentiometer or encoder?
my team is in need of 1 and we couldn’t find any.

also, if u know of another solution we are open for suggestions.

thanks in advance,
team 2630

suggest you Google search for “string pot”

… and cough up a lot of money (>$100 US), unless someone knows where to get some cheaper ones.

Perhaps think of a design change.

I think the largest they sell is 1.2m, you could string a couple together.

Either the magnetopot style or the softpot.

Digikey carries them as well.

You can PM me with a specific design and I will see if I can give you an alternative sensor idea. I suspect that you do not need data for the entire 3 meters of travel in your design.