linear slide potentiometers

For the past 2 weeks I have been looking for a long <3.5" travel linear potentiometer. It would be for the OI so 100k Ohms prefered. Anyone have a line on these? I have already checked digikey, mouser, and local surplus stores.


Active Surplus in downtown Toronto has a bin of them. We actually picked up 3 of them yesterday ($1.14 CDN each) (~3.5" linear motion).

They are 50K, not 100K, but I’m sure we can make them work somehow…:stuck_out_tongue:

PM me if you it looks like you cant find them anywhere else, I’m sure our team wouldn’t mind helping out :wink: (of course, I’d have to talk to our team leader)


How about this one: EWA-NF0C15ABR

If you search digikey for it and follow the link to the datasheet, there are some other sizes.

That’s the slide pot and cap for the slide pot I obtained last year. Alas, they are sold out of the pot. We do have a few extras. How many are you looking for? Got any extra new 20A breakers lying around? PM me for a trade if interested.

I was looking for some of these also, and it looks like I have found the perfect thing,

100k Ohm, linear slide with 100mm of travel. However I see no way to order from their site~

I emailed them, hopefully I will find a way to order quickly. or maybe a team around the area they are located could pick some up for us. If anyone finds a way to order from them, it would be a ton of help.