Linelight networking problems

Today my team recieved our limelight abd after some issues got computer to recognize it and the firmware loaded. Currently we cannot access this link: http://limelight.local:5801. We have powered it through the pdp and have it connected to the free port on the radio. Does anyone know what the problem might be or something we could try to troubleshoot it.

Please let us know, thank you on advance!

Have you installed Bonjour as recommended by the documentation?

I’ve been working with the limelight and I’ve noticed a couple connection problems. Obviously, first of all, make sure it has power (the LEDs will be on and VERY noticeable). Install Bonjour like they’ve mentioned in the docs, then try swapping out the ethernet cable just in case that was the problem (it was for me when I first got it). Make sure it is initializing correctly. When it boots up, the LED array should flash, I believe that means it has initialized correctly, and it will be fully booted up when the LEDs turn on and stay on. I’ve noticed that occasionally when we disable the robot, the limelight’s stream goes down and we have to restart the robot. Planning on contacting them today. Hope this helps!

We have installed bonjor but when the limelight boots only half the leds flash and when we leave it on the leds dont do anything. However, when we first started they functioned as you said they should (the leds). Also, I will try a different ethernet monday but the ethernet data lights were functioning so im not sure that was it. Thanks for you help.


Is anything plugged into the microUSB port? Half the LEDs will power on when it’s ready to flash.

Yes, we did have the usb plugged into the limelight. I’m assuming that boots it into firmware update mode or something? We will try it without that tomorrow!

Yes that was definitley it. The limelight was waiting for you to flash it since it detected that usb cable.

That’s actually super useful for the future, thanks! I’d assume some point in the future I’d have made the same post, as I might have just missed it in the docs.