Anyone have any engineering lingo or robotics lingo?

So far I have heard TOAST is a pretty good one. Anyone else?

You will hear speedholing an awful lot around here. Especially on Thursdays.

Don’t forget KISS

*FIRST is one for our team, considering no one knows what it is outside of robotics…HAHAHA. It’s fun to do that.
*Chippie = Chippahua (sp?) motor.
*My buddy Joey and I came up with Star Wars labels for people in FIRST:
~Rookies: Luke Skywalker
~Second Year: Han Solo
~Third Year: Obi Wan
~Four Years and Up: Yoda
They are amusing, 'cause we have tons of alumni that come back. One is in his 6th year of being involved! Man he’s ancient.

That’s it for now, of what I can think of…I’ll come back with more.

Six? Bah! Seven is so much cooler!

One blue top, blue owns. Two red top, three blue top, 1 blue bottom, red owns. One blue top, one red top, red owns. No penalties. :smiley:

But I must ask… TOAST?


My Two favs:
“Magic Smoke” - the stuff you cant let out of electronic components to keep them functional

“S.W.A.G.” - Scientific Wild $@#$@#$@# Guess, When you make a wild guess with some scientific merit

Origionally posted by Rombus
“S.W.A.G.” - Scientific Wild $@#$@#$@# Guess, When you make a wild guess with some scientific merit

Actually a swag is a tool too…

Lightening holes are speed holes…

We have had previous robots with parts named “baby feet.” They were individual tread pieces for tank treads. They bolted to tabs on the chain and each “foot” was made of a plate with rubber glued on. It didn’t go well for PR though when people ask what is inside the oven and you tell them baby feet.

I think Gracious Professionalism counts as robot slang…that and all the shorthand used here on Chief Delphi…which is CD…we also have the CA (Chairman’s Award) and Gracious Professionalism is gp…

Well I have heard toast from team 237. Ask them. It is something new they came up with, I have no idea what it means!

Possibly something from Mission Impossible?

“wutchamacallit”- any thing on the robot

the last 2 are in websters dictionary, if you dont believe me just look them up!

All around the country, coast to coast,
people always ask me, what I like most?
Now I don’t wanna brag, I don’t wanna boast,
I always tell them, I like toast!


Wake up in the morning about 5 am,
have a little jelly, have a little jam.
Take two slices, put 'em in the slots,
you push down the lever and the wire’s get hot!

Y’get TOAST!

There are lots more verses, but I don’t feel like typing them right now. I worked at a Boy Scout camp last summer, I could go on for awhile. Anyway, that’s the significance of “Toast”.

TOAST, if i’m not mistaken was debuted (sp?) on Bob and Tom and featured on one of their early cd’s

For the record…Bob and Tom…strait outta nap-town.

Personally, I find all of the abbreviations that we use to be lingo. I talk about GLR, WMR, and BMR and my friends look at me like I’m nuts. Luckily, they’ve caught on to the phrase “robo” now. (Words such as robo-geek etc typically come from my mouth…)

We use BLT.

I picked that one up. We had a BLT@PNW.

By the by, I’ve been meaning to post this about your sig:

“…what do you get when you multiply six by … six by nine…”
“Six by nine. Forty-two.”
“That’s it. That’s all there is.”

Douglas Adams, “The Restaurant at the end of the Universe”

You do realize that 6 x 9 = 42 in base 13?

IRAG (I are a geek) I suppose.

Actually, there are two kinds of magic smoke. Magic white smoke for the electronics, possibly followed by magic black smoke from something mechanical – if the E-stop (that big red button in the control station - Emergency stop) isn’t hit first.

toast - sounds like something we did to our 6V Fisher Price motor one day…

our team made Star Wars nicknames for members of the team individually during the build period ranging from “John Solo” to “Boba Jess” (which is mine), but we just named all the freshman ewoks and refer to them as “Jub-Jubs”

we just say chips

dongle–nobody knows what you are talking about usually

on our team for allen wrenches is where is the big blue, where’s the fleshy peachy, where the purple one, brown-blue
(yeah…color coding is fun w/ nail polish :stuck_out_tongue: that was generally my job…thanks to james jones)

Magic Smoke… oh yes:)

There aren’t any programming bugs… they’re programming features. :slight_smile:

Sexy Strippers… (the strippers that can strip multiple… wires at once!)

Dykes… (those two standin… I mean side-cutters.)

Oh gosh… there must be more but I cant think of any at the moment.

sumthin that we use is
deburring system=whirligig
we actually use the name like “hand me that whirligig”
also for sum reason we all say wobbelin i dont no y
i dont no wat it actually means
its just kinda “that robot is wobbelin”
if n e one knows 1218 their robot “wobbels” alot but thats a more literal use of the term