Link to 1073 The Force Team's code

We’d like to get it out there that all of 1073 The Force Team’s code is open for the public to take a look at should they so desire. It can be found in our Google code repository at this address:

While our robot code is in C++, we write our dashboard in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio - just a heads up.

You can browse the code on-site, or you can check out a local copy using Mercurial version control through the command line or a different application (we use Tortoise Hg).

Your code might have saved me. You got udp working from DS to robot?

The Robot side is what I have been fighting with all week.

Paul, we do have udp working from DS to robot. Heads up - the dashboard in the repository is not our latest work, as we’re still testing large changes in the most recent version to fix some issues.

Still, if it helps you out, I’m thrilled to hear it. Shoot me a pm if you have questions. :slight_smile:

The DS side seems to be OK for me. It is the robot side that I was struggling with. I might be PMing you with some questions. Would you mind telling me what kind of problems your having?

We’ve been having issues with the dashboard freezing because of how we’re doing the image processing from the camera. It was done in the same thread as the UI, so the heavy workload sometimes made the UI unresponsive - we’re moving the processing to a different location to prevent this.