Link to FIRST's website for a "find all teams" query.

I searched Chief Delphi far and wide and can not find a link that was posted a while back (possibly by Joel J of team 173 and now 229).

It was a custom link to a database search of the FIRST website to list all teams participating.

Help please?

And please do not redirect me to the map on the FIRST site. That is useless for an all teams search Thanks.

Well, You could try FIRSTwiki’s Index of FRC teams.

I agree, I have found this website particularly useful for that!!! :slight_smile:

So try it out Elgin and if its not what you are looking for then clarify … and we’ll see if we can find something to fit your needs!! :rolleyes:

I* need* that link that was posted to the FIRST directory of all teams…

Wiki “all teams” site is cool and it’ll be in my bookmarks, but…^

Here’s the post by Joel which you were talking about. The link Joel created to fetch the database info is down right now, as far as I can tell.

Hope that helps…

Hey like the others have said, i think the wiki should have all the info you would need. And if theres info missing from there, try the way back machine ( and other teams history sites those seem to help when i need some history information.

this shows all current and past teams: