Linkage bars

does anyone kno where to get the linkage bars like the ones in the attached picture?

I assume you are talking about the ones with black ends. Those would be RC car rod ends and turnbuckles. Your local hobby shop that stocks RC products is the best bet. If you want to order online, search for “rod end” and for “turnbuckle”. There are also some nice ones here

You can also check for “rod end” if you need bigger ones.

Let me know if you have any more questions. :slight_smile:

definitly hobbyshop. and i dunno how much tensionis going into them but fairly strong paperclips work for emergencies… and well. the thicker heavy duty paper clips i guess they are called. the ones with a black clip and two “foldable” “handles” on them… those handles are quite strong. a needlenose and a vise will be all you need.

I knew they used them for the steering linkages on TMAXX and all those cars but I didnt know if I should use the same ones or if there was a different kind for non-rc things.