Linkin Park's new cd!

Hey all.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m a rabid Linkin Park fan. The new CD is coming out March 25th.
Do you guys know about LPTV? It’s an online collection of episodes in which Linkin Park chronicles the recording of Meteora, their new album. It’s also got hidden audio clips from the new CD, including the first single, Somewhere I Belong.

If you want to see it, click on the link below!

and even if you don’t want to see it…click it anyway, because then it helps me out with my dastardly referral contest on LPU…but seriously, it’s hella cool. :smiley:

Thanks all.


Didn’t a new Linkin Park album get released recently? December? I’m not a big Linking Park fan (too popular).

Just remixes of the old stuff…can we say blah?

And Linkin Park in general…blah…

that’s just me…

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**Didn’t a new Linkin Park album get released recently? **

It was in July; They released an album that contained remixed versions of songs on their first album.

I hope their second album is more like the non-remixed versions of their first album.

Im not to fond of Linkin Park anymore. Too overpublicized and overplayed. I liked them at one point and its quite unfortunate that happened. They are more anoying then anything. Heh but I still wear my Linkin Park T-shirt :wink:

Eh. I don’t like the new song but… Did anyone else notice that the new cd is coming out later in the States than abroad.

Many albums do that, I think.

And was the last one really released in July? Wow. Time flies. Maybe I’m thinking of another band…too much music knowledge :slight_smile:

man I can’t wait for that one to be released

I just listened to that new somewhere I belong song again… omg its so amazing

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**Eh. I don’t like the new song but… Did anyone else notice that the new cd is coming out later in the States than abroad. **

the new song is awesome. I listen to it all the time(at least 5 times a day). The cd always comes out a day earlier overseas. i also like the referal link. I’m part of the LPU too. but i don’t care enough to go and try to get a link :slight_smile:

I’m not really into them

While the second album was Hybrid Theory remixed +afew songs, most of it was remixed radicaly enough to sound entirely different.

Personaly I prefer Reanimation.

The latest new cd I was looking foward to was Massive Attack, but was rather disapointed.


thier remix was sweeet also, I havn’t been dissapointed with much they’ve done so far I wrather enjoy them

I heard a little bit of the new song on MTV a few days ago. I liked the two albums that are already out, although they are getting a little overplayed. Overall I’ll probably end up buying the new album in March. :slight_smile:

Hybrid Theory is an excellent album, but Reanimation just wasn’t my style. Unrelatedly, I think “In the End” will be a classic that reminds me of high school and robotics. I think they played it at least five times at Nationals last year.

If their new album is anything as good as Hybrid Theory, it will have my respect and admiration.

Well peoples it’s out… anyone have it…? I do! It’s pretty good… I still like Hybrid Theory more… but this one will grow on me kinda like Hybrid Theory did :slight_smile:

If you don’t have it, wait for the price to go down… and get it!

hey OGRE, in your what im listening to at the momen t thing in your sig. it says your listenign to QOTSA, what are you doing listening to linkin park? QOTSA is great

i heard their new album is like 35 min long, thats really crappy. i wouldnt buy that i wouldnt buy any linkin park, who cares if it has a dvd.

the new qotsa video out, cel shading is cool

linkin park is way too overproduced, their like the def leppard of 2000’s

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m looking forward to the new Blue Man Group CD, The Complex, myself. It comes out April 22nd. Man, I can’t wait to hear a BMGified version of ‘White Rabbit’.:smiley:

It is only 36 minutes long… that may be a downfall… but it is short and sweet :slight_smile: and what do you guys mean by over-produced?? Like too much mixing in their songs or what? I think they have a really unique sound… I like them.


the songs sound in general, to much is put into it

plus, compare live to the studio, that dude who screams all the time he cracks live