Linking Java To Labview Dashboard Causing issues receiving USB camera image

Hi, while linking up our teams java project to the LabView dashboard was quiet easy i came into some trouble displaying the USB camera on the LabView dashboard. The camera currently works on the smart dashboard but the rest of my team wanted to use the LabView dashboard because it looks more appealing. We have fiddled around with a few blocks of code, however me being the newbie of the team i only have programmed in java thus far and LabView just looks like a bowl of spaghetti. If anyone could point me in the right direction of what i am missing i would greatly appreciate it.

Have you tried using some of the example Java projects? If you create the
Simple Vision project in eclipse and use that with the default Labview dashboard it should work. You’ll just have to use the drop down menu on the dashboard to select: USB Camera HW.

Make sure that the camera name in the Simple Vision project (“cam0” by default) is set to whatever your camera is.
Use the web dash (roboRIO-xxxx.local where xxxx is your team number) if you need to find what your camera name is.

Hope that works! let me know.

We were able to make the camera work and implement vision successfully, we found that we needed to update our vision acquisition software from NI and it detected the camera right away. We are however having issues when we customize our dashboard and run it the tabs don’t appear the way that we put them in and make the dashboard appear to be un usable. Some posts suggested that it was an issue with the amount of objects in the dashboard that would cause tabs and visual objects to appear misplaced when ran… However I do not think this is true because our dashboard appeared fine when adding over 20 indicators but broke when I added indicators for caliper values from my vision script to the dashboard. Any ideas? I’ll try to post a photo/video once I get access to the project tomorrow thank you for the help