Linux Cam!


I’ve spent the last 48 hours building a FIRST rule abiding, COTS compatible onboard linux box.


I’m thinking of hooking up a logitech cam and trying to write/find drivers for it, and then write some sort of app to take images and try to sort out ball color.

So what I’m looking for is:
Ideas for platform development (flavor of linux, as well as language)
Ideas for camera drivers
Ideas for code development

I know this is a huge task… but I figured I’d start here for ideas.

Thanks everyone!


I loaded Ubuntu, and launched the pre-installed softphone software. Right off the bat, the camera was recognized, and I could see the image on the screen.

So i guess drivers wont be a problem with Ubuntu, assuming I can develop on it.

Again, software development ideas are greatly appreciated!


Team 245 was working on a module for their coprocessor code that would let you use a webcam in place of a cmu cam but I don’t think it ever got out of development.

How are you planning on running this on your bot? If you are going to use Ubuntu, how are you planning to speed up the boot. My team used the base install of Debian(no gui) which we trimmed down a bit so our coprocessor boot’s supper fast after receiving power. We were thinking about interfacing a usb optical mouse to it but we eventually figured that our bot would be moving to fast for it to be accurate.