Linux handholding needed

I would like to be able to program for the RC under linux. I assume the best route would be to use use eclipse and C18 under wine. I have both eclipse and wine installed. how do i proceed?

There’s a good makefile floating around for specifically this purpose - it calls wine and mcc18 properly. There are a few things you have to do to make it work - I seem to remember that I had to link all of the binaries from (for example) mcc18.exe to mcc18 because the makefile assumes that there’s no file extensions on executables and that you have to change a flag to indicate that you’re using 18f8722 instead of the 18f8520. It’s not very difficult once you get the makefile working - Eclipse can use it to build just fine.

Good luck!

Here are the threads which helped me get it working:

Eclipse can run natively under Linux. :slight_smile:

I meant run eclipse natively and run C18 under wine.

When someone gets a working/updated makefile, could you post it? I’d do it myself, but it seems others are already working on it and it’s relatively low priority for me.