Linux users rejoice: MPLAB IDE is now supported in WINE!!!!

Hey everyone!


After a few error message wine-0.9.44 SUPPORTS MPLAB! Managed to get it to load a project, compile, and everything!!


Note: this is just for loading, editing, and compiling. No idea if the debugger functions or anything else works.

Now thats what I’m talking about.

Is it officially supported by WineHQ?

I have been able to run mplab on wine and wine derivatives for at least a couple of years.

I expect someone to update it shortly after they test it to see what works and what doesnt. Once I get home I will be testing it on my computer. Hopefully we can post good bug reports and it will become supported even better.

Well I installed MPLAB IDE back at 0.9.26 and I’ve attempted to run it every version since then (reinstalled it every couple of versions as well).

I didn’t realize that anyone had been able to run the IDE. I knew that all the separate executables and linking utilities worked separately worked, but the IDE seemed to fail.

I run debian etch and I compiled wine myself so I don’t know if it’ll work for everyone. Looking at the website it seems it’s been working for sometime, though it’s only just begun working in 0.9.44 for me.

Umm… why? There’s better software native to linux.

I would say its nice for people who are just moving to Linux and dont want to give up something that they have gotten used to.

Oooooh, what a tedious member registration procedure! I didn’t know answer to 2 questions and could not read one captcha image letters. Registered after 4th attempt. Uf!

Anyway, I’m here and I would like to know what are these Linux native tools better than MPLAB. I’m using MPLAB extensively and have Window$ installed only because of it. :smiley: Help!

Have you looked at Eclipse?

Umm… Thats cool and all, but why would you go out of your way to install something that may not work very well on an unsupported OS? I find no reasons to switch to this from the mcc18/wine/ combo. If MPLAB ever made a linux native MPLAB, or winehq supported it, I would use it.
Cool nonetheless! This can only be good for linux and all of its users!:smiley: