Linux war! window manager, distro, vim/emacs, etc

Well, this is the never ending battle on #linux, but some $@#$@#$@#$@#$@#$@#$@# (not me >_<) got my ISP banned, so i guess i will have to continue it on the second most geeky place i know of.

Here are my prefs:
WM: icewm (with iceque)
editor: vim
distro: debian (knoppix)
browser: mozilla firebird, and links on occasion
terminal: rxvt/bash
programming language: python
IRC: xchat
and im runnin it all on a toshiba satellite 1800 notebook (1.1 celeron, 240 ram, the vid card steals 16 megs, 20 HD)
I also got a media box runnin geexbox sitten beside my TV

When I did run linux …

WM: wmaker
editor: vi/vim
distro: FreeBSD
browser: mozilla
terminal: bash, zsh
programming language: perl/php
IRC: BitchX

freeBSD is not linux
… and emacs is way better than vi/vim

Oh man…

window manager: fvwm (worth checking out DEFINITELY)
distro: gentoo (although i DID get 20 free ubuntu cd’s in the mail for some linux evangelism today)
editor: VIM all the way!!
browser: firefox
language: python
terminal: eterm/bash

although i can’t run linux currently becuase i can’t get my wireless reciever to work