Linux with the PIC

I got the PIC with the C18/IFI working on Linux. What you need to do is install wine and install the MPLAB/C18/IFI software with wine. However, MPLAB isn’t compatible with wine. Thus, here is a makefile using wine to do all your compiling and linking using the c18 compiler mcc18. I’ll get more support later, but this allows you to compile the files in the terminal and use whatever editor you want. Then you can just run wine and send the files. I suggest getting the codeweaver trial office to install it, then just wine to manage it. 3AM gotta sleep have fun.

tar -xzvf code.tar.gz
cd code
#after wine is installed with c18 etc, don’t forget to edit the Makefile to configure paths

The IFI loader works on regular wine now?

It works on CodeWeaver (wine) for me…

It turns out, it copies, but it’s corrupted and it won’t go pass the Fault Status, but that goes away with same code in Windows. Working on script to do it.